A majority of the site is made up of two historic farm tracts: the Zeek family farm and the Gray family farm. Both were established during the 19th century, and several significant historic structures remain on the property including wood barns, stone farmhouses, a log cabin, corn cribs, and a limestone kiln. The kiln was historically utilized to produce lime fertilizer from limestone quarried on the Zeek family farm.


These remnants are prime candidates for historic preservation and point to the agrarian history of the property.


Central Pennsylvania is known for its agricultural mosiac, including the local Amish population. By preserving the agricultural aesthetic, the design expresses the history of the landscape and pays tribute to the culture and customs that have shaped it.

A number of historic structures reside on the site. Many of these are agricultural outbuildings typical of the early 19th century. There are also three unique cottages, two of which feature exquisite stonework and historic design. Not only are the structures symbols of another time, their construction utilized local wood and stone. They are an intimate reflection of the local landscape and sustainable use of available material. Preservation of these iconic architecturally rich structures is of great importance.

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